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Warne North Carolina is a very small, rural town located in extreme western North Carolina. It is about half way between Atlanta Georgia and Knoxville Tennessee. The school system has an enrollment of approximately 1,250 students attending three schools on one central campus. All three schools have been rated at the top of their respective classification groups for many years, and the high school students have scored the highest SAT scores of any school in the area. Clearly the peacefulness and clean, fresh air are conducive to learning. The people of Warne have always shown great respect and appreciation to the people who came before, from the Cherokee Nation of Native Americans to the Irish and German settlers to follow, strength, courage and humbleness radiates throughout this community. Homes in Warne are just as diverse in style and setting as the people of the area. From the extravagant luxury estates, to the more humble, quaint cabins, and everything in between, you can count on getting a quality, original creation. These mountains have a way of affecting people with their peace and beauty and creating a sense of respect, so that the majesty of the land is magnified and transferred into their creations. Century 21 agents have been operating in these mountains for many years, and we have won the respect of the community through hard work and superior customer service. Everyone deserves to have a peaceful place to enjoy the beauty of nature. We will help you to find your perfect place.

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Land For Sale in Warne, North Carolina

Warne North Carolina is an unincorporated community in Clay county, located in extreme western North Carolina. Therefore, Warne has a post office and a volunteer fire department, but no local government. It is serviced by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office when needed. Clay County has been one of the least populated counties in the state in recent years, so the police department isn’t often required. The community remains very rural in nature and you’ll be more surrounded by wildlife such as bear, deer, fox and the recently reintroduced elk than other people. Land in Warne varies in topography from mountaintop lots to creek side retreats where you can try your luck at catching a native brook trout, to large tracts in the valley where you can start your own farm or orchard. If you’ve ever dreamed of living a true rural mountain lifestyle, try Warne North Carolina, where the motto is “your welcome is never Warne out.”

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