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Hayesville North Carolina is a small mountain town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountain chain. Being on the border of Georgia, Lake Chatuge covers part of Hayesville as well as neighboring Hiawassee Georgia. Water sports are a very popular attraction to the area. Lake Chatuge offers boating, water skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding and fishing with incredibly beautiful surroundings. The Hiawassee River which flows through Hayesville is known as “the hidden jewel of trout fishing”. These natural outdoor playgrounds also provide some incredible homesites for those who are lucky enough to find them. Our Century 21 agents have been praised for many years for their ability to offer these idyllic homes to their clients, and to continue to grow in their successes and respect from their clientele and the community. If you’re looking for a mountain top retreat with a view of the lush valley and neighboring mountains, or a cabin on a creek where you can lounge on your deck and let the sounds of nature carry you away, or pretty much anywhere in between, we’re confident that these mountains hold you place. Once settled in your dream home, Hayesville is sure to keep you entertained, no matter your preferences. Delightfully far from the ordinary, made for the masses commerce you can find crowding every major city, the area celebrates original, handmade products and artwork, and we take pride in local sustainability in our shops, festivals and restaurants. However, if you must travel to a larger city for any reason, Hayesville is not too far from both Chattanooga, Tennessee or Atlanta, Georgia, and after you get whatever it is you went there for, you will undoubtedly be reminded why you chose to reside in this majestic land.

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Land For Sale In Hayesville, North Carolina

Beautiful Hayesville North Carolina is the county seat of Clay county, located on the northern border of Georgia. Lake Chatuge continues from Hiawassee Georgia into Hayesville and provides for many different water sports, as well as one of the most picturesque fishing destinations in the world. Hayesville takes pride in its Native American heritage with a Cherokee village, Spikebuck Indian Mound and Fort Hembree where you can learn to appreciate the culture and survival skills of those to establish life in this area as well. The original courthouse and jail have been made into a museum and are at the center of the town square. This beautiful and quaint town square creates a perfect backdrop for many festivals and outdoor concerts throughout the year. A large part of Hayesville’s economy involves agritourism. Equestrian stables, cattle farming, fruit and vegetable farms, barn quilts, farm lodging, as well as goat, llama and alpaca ranches have invited the public in to experience and participate in the life of a farmer. If you’ve ever dreamed of making a living off of the land, Hayesville would be a great place to start, being that the agritourism industry is well established and supplements income as well as offering tax breaks. Or if you just want to kick back and relax and soak in the best nature has to offer, contact us at Century 21. We’re also well established in these beautiful mountains, and we’re confident that we will find your perfect place.

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