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Brasstown, North Carolina is an unincorporated community lying mostly in Clay County, but about one third of it is within the adjacent Cherokee County. The Brasstown community was originally inhabited by the Cherokee Tribe of Native Americans, who named the land “Place of Fresh Green”, and if you have the privilege to experience this area in the Spring or Summer months, the name will be immediately understood. It is a green that you can almost smell, and the artists of the area have taken full advantage of this unusual beauty. The John C. Campbell Fold School has operated in Brasstown since about 1925 and is dedicated to preserving and passing on the folk arts of the Appalachian mountains. Being unchanged for the most part in all it’s years of operation, the school has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1983. Another unique experience of Brasstown is the New Year’s Eve Opossum Drop at the Clay Corner Convenience Store. Festivities vary every year from Miss Possum Queen pageants, to comedy acts, talent shows, and bluegrass concerts, but the main event doesn’t change. The Opossum Drop gained national fame when featured in The New York Times in 2004. The originality and beauty of the area has clearly influenced the people and also the homes and homesites. Some of the most luxurious mountain estates as well as artfully designed quaint cabins are all expertly crafted and beautifully placed among these idyllic mountain settings. The people of these mountains are grateful and proud of the natural splendor we’ve been blessed with and have mastered the art of perseverance and living in harmony with nature. Come and find your place among these hills and get back to enjoying the simple things in life.

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Land For Sale in Brasstown, North Carolina

Brasstown North Carolina is an unincorporated community in rural North Carolina, which means it doesn’t have its own local government. However, it more than makes up for lack of politicians with an abundance of mountain artisans. The area is very sparsely populated, and the majesty of surrounding nature is appreciated and magnified by the entire community. One of the most celebrated experiences in the nation is located here, at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Relying on the surrounding glory of nature, the school is a rustic farmhouse, blacksmith shop and school surrounded by rolling green fields and mountains beyond. Some of the most talented artisans in many varied fields teach their crafts as handed down from the original settlers of the area. The entire experience is as unique and wonderful as the land on which it is located. Come hike up to Fire Creek Falls or pack a picnic and eat by the creek. The pure peace and perfection will undoubtedly begin to relax you and help you get back to the wild natural being we are all meant to be. Listen to the land as it whispers you to sleep, then contact us at Century 21 Scenic Realty. We know these mountains and will take the time to get to know you, so that together, we will find the piece of nature you’ve been longing for.

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